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Summer 2013

Posted on August 20, 2013 at 12:54 PM Comments comments (1)
Summer 2013
So much has happened over the last couple of months that we have barely had time to put pen to paper! We have been blessed with some fantastic weather here in the UK which has meant that it has been an ideal time to get some photography and artwork done, taking advantage of all that excellent natural light!  We have also been working hard on creating patchworks, applique cushion covers, pillowcases
and throws, furniture painting and upholstery  lots of ribbon, bunting and Candle Cup making.
Now that the holiday season is nearing the end this is a critical time for us to take stock and plan ahead for next season and the year ahead.
We have received lots of requests for advice via the Facebook page, so, starting in September, every Saturday morning from 11.00 a.m. till 12.00 noon (GMT), the
on-line chat will take place on the
All are welcome to post questions in relation to Interior Design and collecting Vintage and Antiques.  If you can't make it but would still like to send us a question to post on the day, feel free to email Danielle directly at [email protected]  
In the meantime 'Like' our Facebook page to receive updates about stock and competitions and a reminder to pop along and join in with the on-line chat each weekend.
Finally, our international customers told us that they could not buy from our stock on our on-line SHOP via the Facebook page.  We were really grateful for your feedback, and you will be pleased to know that we have now moved our stock to the main
Design and Antique Interiors web pages to enable everyone to be able to buy directly from us (speeding up the dispatch time too!)  We hope that you enjoy visiting the pages and find something that you like. 
In the meantime, as always, we are here to answer any questions you may have so please feel free to post on our blog.

Copyright Matters

Posted on June 13, 2013 at 7:52 AM Comments comments (141)
Design and Antique InteriorsCopyright Matters

As a designer with a background in law, I feel that there is nothing more important than copyright.  No matter what you create - it is yours and the design industry is ruined on a daily basis by theft of work created by others.  This very important petition began a little while ago and I was very happy to add my signature to support this matter.  So far the petition has received 27,880 signatures to date and a response has been made to it by the relevant Government department as it has received more than 10 000 signatures, the relevant Government department have provided the following response:

"This petition appears to address a measure in the recent Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 (ERR Act) concerning orphan works. In fact, the Act ensures that the work of photographers and illustrators cannot simply be taken by others through a number of strong protections for creators’ interests.

Orphan works are copyright works (such as books, photographs, films and music) for which one or more of the copyright owners cannot be found. Without the permission of all the rights-holders these works can only be used lawfully to a very limited extent. There are millions of such works held in the nation’s museums, archives and libraries.

With regard to the removal of data about the ownership of the copyright work (metadata), it is already a civil infringement under UK copyright law to knowingly and without authority strip metadata from a copyright work. If the person that infringes the copyright communicates the work to the public it may be a criminal offence. It may also be a criminal offence under the Fraud Act 2006 if that same person claims to be the rights holder.

The Government wants to enable these culturally and economically valuable works to be used while protecting the interests of the missing rights-holders. Section 77 of the ERR Act contains powers to allow the Secretary of State to appoint a body to license the use of orphan works.

Any person wishing to use an orphan work will need to apply to the government-appointed authorising body for a licence. As part of that process they must undertake a diligent search for the rights-holder which will then be verified by the Government appointed independent authorising body. The absence or removal of metadata does not in itself make a work “orphan” or allow its use under the orphan works scheme.

Only once the diligent search for the rights-holder has been verified by the authorising body and after the licence fee has been paid will a licence to use the orphan work be issued. Licences will be for specified purposes and subject to a licence fee which is payable up-front at a rate appropriate to the type of work and type of use. The licence fee will then be held for the missing rights-holder to claim.

If the work is not genuinely orphan then the rights-holder should be found by the search. If the search is not properly diligent, no licence will be issued.

The proposal for an orphan works scheme was the subject of a formal written consultation and extensive informal consultation with all stakeholders, including several representatives from photography organisations. There were a number of genuine concerns which have been addressed by various safeguards, such as the verification of the diligent search and the requirement for remuneration to be set aside. However, some media articles have contained a number of inaccuracies about the scheme.

Under these powers copyright will continue to be automatic and there is no need to register a work in order for it to enjoy copyright protection. The powers do not allow any person simply to use a photograph or any other work if they cannot find the rights-holder.

A Working Group has been set up by the industry-led Copyright Hub to consider the issue of metadata and try to obtain cross-industry agreement on ensuring that metadata is not removed from copyright works".

Currently, the law does not support the designer and it is for them to prove that they own the copyright - which often means copyright owners stumping up huge costs of such legal actions often running into hundreds of thousands of pounds or indeed millions if something is stolen and used worldwide.   The average person in industry cannot afford to do pay for this legal action, and this is why so many things are stolen and so many thieves profit. The government are only just relaising the damage that this is costing the UK economy and various industries concerned, and particularly these days with digital media and manipulation of pixels, images and music. 
However, I do not believe the powers that be have thought this through beyond their own profit in issuing licences.  Many designs are passed off as belonging to others, and I can speak from family experience that when copyright has been stolen, international companies form huge methods of covering up such fraud knowing that the original copyright holder is still alive and often use every known trick in the book not only to cover up the story but also have every piece of incriminating evidence destroyed.   Did you know for example, currently if the Patent Office cannot find records relating to your copyright - there is nothing that they can do to help you? They do not reconstitute their files, so once your drawings or work are gone - that is it - no help available.  Hardly efficient, supportive or correct in my opinion.  As things currently stand the designer is definitely worse off with no mention on how to deal with the issues I have just mentioned, so any implementation of any such change written in this legislation would bring an even more negative impact to an already useless system stacked against the true copyright holder. 

Moving forward, this e-petition remains open to signatures and will be considered for debate by the Backbench Business Committee should it pass the 100 000 signature threshold.  If you are an artist, designer, photographer, musician or create any work in which you hold copyright - please read and support this petition and pass the details on to others working in the industries that are and would be affected by any negative changes to copyright law.   

Many thanks,


Danielle Wright
Director and Interior Designer
Design and Antique Interiors Limited


Posted on April 26, 2013 at 4:39 AM Comments comments (5)
S p r i n g  !
Who would have thought that Spring had finally arrived?  With Easter passing and the start of British Summer Time,
the wether has been a little grey to say the least and the poor garden has been waiting patiently to start it's hard work, but finally the sun is starting to make an appearance!
Design and Antique Interiors
On the interiors front, this has meant that there has been lots of preparation going on.  Fabrics have been sourced ready for new projects, cushion pads prepared, sewing needles ordered and the sewing machine dusted off!  It's been great to see the BBC's series the Great British Sewing Bee - getting everyone motivated once again into making and creating their own needlework projects. 
Design and Antique Interiors
On the antiques front we have been out and about hunting for wonderful pieces for photographic shoots and home staging projects, and spied antiques TV shows in the making on our maneuvers!  We have also supported another carefully chosen local charity shop to help them value their items to get the very best prices to enable them to reach their targets for fundraising, and if that was  not enough, we have been developing yet another product for our on-line shop - which will soon be made available in time for the summer BBQ season!
Well, that's about it for now, but remember if you have any burning interiors, collectables, vintage or antiques questions, feel free to post here!
Design and Antique Interiors
BBC Great British Sewing Bee Link:

Valentines Day Table Dressing

Posted on February 12, 2013 at 5:27 PM Comments comments (0)
Valentines Day Table Dressing
Design and Antique Interiors
Any special occasion lends itself to a wonderful table dressing and a Valentines Day dinner at home can be a lovely way to mark the occasion.
With any kind of table setting, it is good to have a general theme and keep things simple.  Less is definitely more, particularly if you wish to make the food and conversation the centre of attention!
Red or white candles either in pretty little candlestick holders, candelabra and tea-lights are all easy to come by and cost very little. 
If you prefer white china, again this will ensure that the different courses will have a good 'canvas' to work against.  If you use a patterned set, take a good look at the design and colours and use these to set the theme. 
Red or white table linen can be used, but a touch of red always against a classic white adds to the atmosphere, and of course the obligatory bottle  of wine or champagne in an attractive cooler is a definite must to finish the look. 
You might like to dress the table with rose petals, confetti or small wrapped chocolates just for a finishing touch.  Take your time to ensure the cutlery is gleaming and that the glasses are smudge free too. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! 
Design and Antique Interiors

Home Trade Network

Posted on February 1, 2013 at 1:27 PM Comments comments (24)
February 1st 2013 ~ What a week!
This week has been full of the usual things that go well and those that challenge and the week soon zooms by in a flash.  This week I had inspiration whilst out buying stock.  I saw all of the retailers faithfully re-merchandising their windows walking round an empty store and I wondered really - what were they all doing to increase footfall?  In hard-nosed retail stores, you very quickly learn to accentuate the weak areas and get the team to ensure stock levels are great, but if there are no customers and you do nothing about it, well, it's downhill from there! 
This got me thinking.  We have such a selection of fantastic free social networks 'plugged in' to every search engine globally, yet I don't think we are actually helping those who are not as media friendly get the footfall they deserve.    In a FLASH the Home Trade Network came into my head.  What if I  linked up all the small businesses and sole traders that provide services for homes everywhere?     So I rushed home, and checked around to see whether there was any such free service out there and what a surprise - NO! So now we have the Home Trade Network on Facebook. 
Home Trade Network : Click on the link to join!
I put it on Facebook because it allows enough space for a decent amount of information and an illustration or picture :)  So if you are an Artist, Antique Dealer,  Builder, Cake Baker, Carpenter, Conveyancer, Curtain Maker, Decor Product Seller, Home Interior Design Service provider, Painters & Decorator, Photographer,  Plasterer, Plumber, Surveyor, Upholsterer, Window Installer etc  please 'Like' to join.
It would be great to hear from people who actually get noticed from the page, who go on to maybe give another network member a work referral and in short - that everyone was communicating about work!  Life is really too short and we all need to get on and make some money.
Until next time - keep busy!
Danielle ;o)
Find us on LinkedIn!Find us on Facebook!

January 2013

Posted on January 28, 2013 at 7:37 AM Comments comments (0)
January 2013
As time goes by, it is easy to look back at all the fantastic skills and talents people from the past had.  People historically were encouraged to develop their natural skills, and indeed were taught to have the ability to engineer trustworthy timepieces and everyday items that we still often use today. These days, for one reason or another, many things are hideously repro/mass produced in plastic goodness knows where.  For most, the idea of recycling is impossible when plastic seems apparently so hard to recycle (although I am still staggered at how few places actually recycle glass)!   Overall, it is now very sad to think that manufacturing and design appear to be outsourced to everywhere but where they should be, right here in the UK, and even if as is hoped, this changes, it will probably take some generations for this industry sector to recover. This is not a 'talking shop' issue.  The government really needs to  encourage training and skilled workers to begin working here again and create the collectables and antiques of the future! 
Design for me is a family thing.   I was taught by my father and grandfather to appreciate precision engineering and the importance of designs created by craftsman in every kind of medium.  I can remember great discussions and passionate debates about making this new thing work, how to repair that ancient piece of art or equipment,  and how to make a wooden clog... or door (!) and whilst ALLthis was going on, I was absorbing information all the way, and am quite certain that  this is where my passion for design and antiques began. 
Yes both sides of my family had cherished antique items, and there was a story with each piece with memories and emotions abundant, but I didn't realise how fascinated I really was and where all this would take me.  Regularly, I used to walk too and from school, passing old junk shops, and often used to buy something small with whatever I could afford from my left over  change.  One day I caught myself gazing into a shop window, looking in wonder at the items that sat unloved in a dull and dusty old antique shop.  I always wondered about the history and stories that these items had 'seen'.  My friends however, thought it was SO unfashionable and completely uncool, and didn't really get it, but I didn't care -  I was hooked!
My very first piece of vintage glass!The first thing I ever bought was a multicoloured glass rose bowl - that I later established was originally from Woolworths manufactured by a Czech manufacturer.  Of course, it had and still has very little value  whatsoever, but it stands for something more to me.  When I traced the story of my glass rose bowl, generations of my family spoke fondly of Woolworths and post-war how shopping there had helped them re-build the contents of their homes.  The great value offerings of that wonderful old shop after the second world war, for many at a time when rationing was still ongoing and money was short, was a blessing.  This respect for such a brand was endearing, and it was lovely to think that it was these same generations of my family that had in turn also helped in the regeneration of  swathes of London and Surrey with their building company.  En masse, people back then had the skills and ethos to work together to try to make a better brighter future for everyone, something that is not so apparent these days. 
My glass curiosity stayed with me through house moves and fine art studies, through my business, retail and trade career .  Little did I realise that thirty something years later,  Woolworths would soon disappear from the high street itself.  Moving forward to January 2013, and the great revolt by the unprofitable retailers against the internet.   Apparently it is the internet that has been destroying the thriving high streets and traditional 'shops' like Woolworths.  Greedy landlords and ever rising utilities have really of course partially made this happen, and since a clever business adapts and is flexible,  it was only a matter of time in my opinion, before those who were unable to move quickly would fall at the first hurdle.  For those that apparently did't really see the changes coming they were evidently either I.T. phobic or could not see a way forward or perhaps even were SO sceptical that this was going to become a major part of retail and trade operations that they just sat back and watched instead.   If you, like me, have always kept things 'real' and have enjoyed a walk through a town or village, you probably prefer to shop locally.  You will know you can get a good deal when you know the farmer, the baker and the wine shop owner.    Moreover, mooching round for that decor item you have in mind, or that bargain that has been unloved and overlooked for years, is fun, and you too would have realised, that those bargains have been out there all along.  So, for those over the years, who have forgotten to walk around their immediate locality and have instead taken to their cars and supported the larger stores and companies out there, you have really missed out on quality if nothing else.  The ease of trading on the internet is now for many retailers an advantage and is now simply an extension of their supplier network and stockroom.  I for one am glad that Woolworths too have moved into the cyber world of  retail.  
So, whilst many disregarded great auntie's mixing bowl, rolling pin and chattels that were left in her Will,  no-one appreciated them like she did.  Had anyone actually bothered to do some research into those bits and bobs, they would have probably seen that auntie's items were probably quite valuable, and that they don't make those things like THAT anymore!  Amongst other things left behind in those old junk shops, it has been the clever antiques dealers who spied back in the 80's who might actually might appreciate that old brown furniture that no-one else wanted, and henceforth why so much of it has been shipped out to Europe over the years!  Mind you, the excitement of finding a *gem* in a dusty old junk shop is STILL so much fun whether in a traditional shop or on -line, and where I can, I always try to get the message out there that local shopkeepers need supporting to ensure that our towns and villages maintain their identity and profitability. 
This month is no different from any other, it has been VERY busy!  I have been out and about, searching for fabric and other unloved items, some of them to order some of them last minute finds.  It seems amongst other things, the recession is finally making many people realise - quality lasts longer, and classic design is timeless, and that is something my customers WANT to invest in! 
Until next time,
Happy Bargain Hunting  and Homemaking! :o)


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