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Design and Antique Interiors Ltd

Design and Antique Interiors

The Home Of Beautiful Designs

Design & Antique Interiors

Antiques and Collectables Advice

We also offer advice on what's new in the collector's world, should you be looking to create a new collection for the future generation. Please feel free to click on the chair photograph below and join our Facebook page:

I love Vintage, Antiques & Collectables! 

We are also happy to carry out a Provenance Check on the item in question for collectors and give a general guide price for auction and insurance. With our advice on collections we will appraise items honestly and sincerely, and only make a small administrative charge for researching pieces.

Free Monthly Antiques Newsletter

Our free Antiques Newsletter is packed full of top information on your favourite antiques and collectables, with details of local shows, boot sales and antique events being held close to you.

Should you be interested in signing up to receive a copy, please send us your contact details and email address via the feedback form on the Enquiries page.